Mauro Walker

After working for several years as an official in charge he got bored and decided to study media engineering. Currently he's studying in the master film. He has legendary carpet slippers and drinks caffeinated drinks as it was water. As a self-styled problem solver, Mauro is a big fan of Murphys law.

Alesch Jufer

His excitement of video has its origins in his early childhood, when he started to create videos of his holidays. He has been working professionally in the video field for five years. From 2015 until 2018 he studied media engineering. Alesch loves Very Ape documentaries, his beloved Sony FS7 and Adobe After Effects.


Projektskizze was founded by Alesch Jufer and Mauro Walker after their studies in media engineering. As they were working together very successfully, they decided to take a further step and continued working together as a company. Since then, they both do what they love: developing and implementing creative ideas to share information and emotionalize people of all kinds.